Who Buys Replica Watches And Why?


Case in point: a client who collects yachts - by last count he has seven in his collection all bobbing in a marina just outside Los Angeles. Yet he proudly sports a replica Rolex Yacht-Master. Even to the untrained eye this paste has a garish orange tinge that glares from across the room. He’s had it going on two years now. He certainly can afford any real watch he wants. So why the knock-off?



“It was a Father’s day present from my kids,” he explains. “It would break their little hearts if I didn’t wear it. Besides, it keeps good enough time. It’s quartz!” A category of the replica watches buyer – someone who could buy the Real McCoy – and probably has several – but for a reason that makes sense to him he consciously trots out the occasional fake.


There’s another more justifiable spinoff of Bling. Most legitimate celebrities or uber wealthy individuals value their security. They may favor wearing a fake watch and jewelry to a public event for safety reasons. The real stuff they use when attending protected events monitored and controlled by professional security staff.

Then there is the idiot fringe who flaunts their bling. One example is the $10 million Paris jewelry heist suffered by Kim Kardashian-West. One of the arrested perps explained, “The jewels were shown on the Internet, and (she said) that she didn’t wear fakes… the time she would arrive in France, you just had to look at the Internet and you knew everything, absolutely everything.”



Real “bling” might bring some unwanted attention and risk


Kim Kardashian is the highest-paid reality television personality and she is a fashion model. As a model, Kim always can lead the fashion trend. And loves gold and glamour, here she is wearing her yellow gold Rolex Day-Date replica watch.


View closer and can easily recognise its the 18238 Replica Rolex Day-Date president watch, which comes with classic and iconic Rolex design available in 2 versions: platinum of masculine appearance and 18kt yellow gold of elegant appearance. The Day-Date replica feature a gold dial with bright 10 diamond markers and day and date window stylish display at 12.00 and 3.00 o’clock. The glittering bezel of the Day-Date President makes it sparkle when brought even in slight contact with light. The “Presidential” bracelet is the most unique factor accomplishing the timepiece, which is a different designing from the Oyster bracelet with a hidden clasp given in the timepiece.


Rolex Day-Dates is one of the most celebrated and outstanding collection of rolex brand as the status symbol of an elite society. Which has been highly sought after among the watch collectors and enthusiasts and celebrities across the globe.


It seems that Kardashian-West is not alone when it comes to neglecting her own well-being. Lady Gaga – who earned $59 million last year – once outraged her Thai fans two days before her concert there by tweeting, “I just landed in Bangkok baby [on her private jet]…I wanna get lost in a lady market and buy a fake Rolex.” This so offended the Thai people that her concert was a bust as thousands boycotted. Fake Rolexes are part of the Thai underworld. Saying in a public forum that you’re going to buy counterfeit (especially when you can afford the real thing) is an outrage to the Thai people’s sense of fairness.


Advantages of buying replica watches

  1. Comparatively low cost for what it is.
  2. Convenience – when it stops, just throw it away.
  3. “Try before you buy” the real thing is perhaps a legit excuse for having one.


Do you admit that it’s a replica?

  • The person who is capable of buying the real thing: “Always.” Then justifies it in some self-redeeming way.
  • Unsuspecting victim: “Maybe.” It’s more humiliating to admit having been fooled than by the actual fake watch.
  • Bling: “Never!”
  1. The Benefits of Replica Watches

    Investing in a replica watch can present several advantages. A replica may be purchased much cheaper than an original brand-name model or design; however, a replica will appearto be exactly the same. For instance, an actual high-end timepiece could cost up to £100,000, while you would only spend a couple hundred on a replica watch of the same design, and still retain the essence of the "genuine article" without having to fork out thousands ofdollars!

    This is especially preferable when you would like to buy a highly classic watch, yet cannot afford or are otherwise unable to purchase an authentic name-brand timepiece from one of many renowned brands. Yet another benefit to having a fake watch is that you may wear it while entertaining friendsor business clients. Furthermore, you can wear your replica watch before attending formal functions such as political events or business conferences. Replicas help you to be dressed in your very best without having to spend a large amount of money on a watch.

    Replica watches are fantastic for value, but their investment cost is much lower than that of an expensive genuine watch if you were to misplace or even lose them. A quality replica is quite trustworthy and reliable, manufactured with a high level of quality built to under go both rigorous and day-to-day use. Replica watches are usually not your standard cheap wristwatch, but instead are created with much higher requirements so even though you may not be purchasing a luxury brand name timepiece, rest assured that you willhave the next best thing.

    So, what are you waiting for?!