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What payment means is acceptable?

We accept Bitcoin and Coinbase for safe, secure and tracked payment.  

With over 30 Million active users Coinbase is becoming the most used method for online payments by the ease of Credit / Debit Card and Bank Transfer with no fees with instant processing time.



How long does it take to ship out my order?

You will receive your order in 3-10 days outside of the United Kingdom and only 2-4 days if local here in the United Kingdom. During holidays season it might take a few days more.



What devices can I use Coinbase on?

Coinbase can be accessed through browsers on the devices listed below, and its mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems.


Is Coinbase secure?

Yes. As a security requirement, all accounts on Coinbase come with two-step verification: logging in requires both your password and a randomly generated code texted to your mobile phone. This makes sure only you can access your account. In addition, Coinbase complies with best practices policies such as KYC (know your customer) and runs its web traffic on encrypted SSL protocols that protect your login information once online.



How easy is it to use Coinbase?

Very. For anyone looking to buy or sell, Coinbase is one of the easiest and most straightforward platforms. The idea behind Coinbase was to provide a platform enabling anyone to buy and sell internationaly with ease, and that's exactly what they created.


If you want to buy fast and without having to use any complicated tools, Coinbase is the best place to go.

For more info go to  About Coinbase



Where can I sign up for have an account? 

You can sign up with  Coinbase here 

And for the app on  Apple Store  and  Play Store



Is it secure for me to pay on your website?

All online payments are secure and protected. Our website has established a safe transaction environment. Encryption is applied in our order system so as to protect your personal registration information on our website. If your browser and local network support application of transmission of encrypted data, the encryption system will offer you a reliable environment for shopping.

If errors occur when I use credit card to pay, what should I do?

If errors occur when you pay with credit card, please return to the page of goods and purchase again. The previous unpaid order will be canceled within 24 hours. Or contact your credit card company to make sure that your card is authorized for transaction with Coinbase. If you have three or more orders which cannot be accepted by our payment system, please contact us for help.

What happens if my credit card is charged yet my order does not pass?

If you do not receive order confirmation number within 24-48 hours, it means that your order is not yet finished. If the cost of a failed order is charged from your credit card, we will return the money to your account; or you can contact us to continue to deal with the already paid order. For all orders paid successfully and confirmed, our warehouse will promptly arrange shipments.


If I cannot issue an order on the Internet, what should I do?

 Please contact us on Live Chat. 



 As for disposal of orders:



Do all of your goods have inventory?

Generally, all goods listed on our website have inventory. However, at times, some goods' inventory may be intense due to a big quantity demanded. If you have already selected an object and paid for it, yet for some reason it is out of stock, we will contact you as soon as possible, and we suggest that you choose other similar goods or we will return the money back to your account in time.


Is it possible to change order after payment is conducted?

Please note that, once orders are successfully issued and disposed, it is hard to make changes or cancel them. If you want to change your order, please contact us, and we will try our best to meet your demands. Yet, once your package is delivered, the order cannot be altered or canceled.


Can I cancel orders?

Order cancellation must be applied before goods are delivered. We generally handle orders within 24 hours after they are generated, and arrange for shipments within 24-48 hours. When goods are arranged for delivery, orders cannot be canceled.


How to cancel orders?

Please contact our customer service via E-mail within 24 hours of ordering, yet note that, sometimes goods will be arranged for shipment within 24 hours after an order is successfully issued. On the basis of your ordering time, the closer it is to packages' collecting schedule (decided by express company), the faster are the goods delivered.


What are the transport means and when the goods is delivered?

When will goods be delivered to you is determined by your location and the products you purchase. In general, we arrange shipments within 24-48 hours after payment. We have several transport means. If you are interested in more shipment information, please contact our customer service.


How can I track my order?

You can check your delivery status at all times on our website. We will send corresponding tracking number through E-mail after goods are delivered. Please refer to our transport policy. Sometimes, express website may not be able to promptly update packages' latest status, so please wait patiently for 1 hour and then check again.


What if my order could never be delivered?

Please make sure that all the goods in your order are delivered. If it shows on the tracking website that your package has been delivered, yet you receive nothing within 2 weeks, please contact our customer service for help.



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Can I track the progress of my order? Where can I track my package?

Yes, you can track your order here:

www.dhl.com  (World Wide)
www.ems.post  (World Wide)
www.dpd.com (UK)
www.canadapost.com (Canada)
w ww.usps.com  (USA)